Future of Finance


Values and Philosophy

Values and Philosophy

Fostering a Culture of Change

Financial Innovation

At Future of Finance, we bring innovators, disruptors, and thought leaders together with institutions, academics, and regulators, to debate and analyse how traditional and new market players will respond to the ongoing revolution in the provision of financial services.


  • How Can Financial Institutions and Fintech Firms Realise the Benefits of Extreme Automation and New Technologies?
  • With the Advent of Technologies That Will Fundamentally Transform the Financial Services industry, How can Legacy Financial Institutions Avoid a ‘Kodak’ Moment?
  • How will Financial Regulation Develop over the Next Decade?
  • Will Technology Bring Greater Productivity?
  • How Are Financial Institutions Addressing Pay Equity and Upward Mobility across Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation – among Both Employees and Clients?
  • What Challenges Are Ahead and How Can They Be Overcome?


We anticipate sweeping changes in the way banking, insurance, and asset management industries are structured, due to:

  • Data
  • Digital Identity
  • AI
  • Blockchain
  • Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity
  • Quantum Computing

In preparation for these changes, Future of Finance events will provide analysis, debate and case studies from regulators, academics, bankers, asset managers, wealth managers, technologists, and public policymakers worldwide, who are critical to the planning and developing of future strategies for the financial services sector.


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