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How to work with us

How to work with us

Future of Finance has one overriding goal. It is to host meetings that bring together all parts of the financial services industry – banks, challenger banks, brokers, asset managers, insurers, financial market infrastructure, technology companies, data vendors, FinTechs, central banks, regulators and policymakers – to discuss and explore the current state of play, likely future outcomes, and how all parts of the eco-system can work and evolve together to create open, trustworthy and prosperous financial markets.

Our preference is for physical meetings with a moderated panel and full participation by invited audiences of no more than 50 individuals chose carefully for their knowledge and experience of the subject matter, conducted according to the Chatham House Rule.  In current circumstances, which oblige us to host events on-line only, it is difficult to apply the same principles though we encourage the same spirit of open and robust discussion.  We are also developing novel techniques to increase audience involvement. 

Membership and Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Events at which to meet the people shaping change and dictating outcomes in the financial services industry ‚Äď and become one of them
  • The chance to encounter new ideas and fresh ways of thinking about old problems and new challenges
  • Access to global senior financial services industry practitioners and professionals, regulators, public policy makers, technologists and academics
  • Constant opportunities to contribute to an independent information platform whose members and community share a passion for innovation
  • Access to each Webinars attendee reports (for sponsors and members)
  • Access to behind wall content
  • Interviews with senior management of your organisation

Membership (includes Panel positions; Interviews; Articles and Survey/Research Papers, Branding and much more)

Sponsorship of Webinars or Physical Meetings (includes Panel positions, Branding, Registration lists, Interview)

Sponsored Round Tables

Sponsored Interviews

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Wendy Gallagher, Co-Founder on wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz

Peter Neville, Head of Business Development on peter.neville@futureoffinance.biz

Please contact Wendy Gallagher if you would like to explore Membership of Future of Finance and to discuss costs associated with Membership

Wendy Gallagher  

Co-Founder of Future of Finance

Tel: 07725 160903

Email: wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz

Web: www.futureoffinance.biz

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