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Is this how CBDCs will happen in the major global currencies?

A Future of Finance webinar February 23 at 2pm UK time When it came to digital money useable on blockchain networks, the choice between central bank money and commercial bank money used to feel binary: Stablecoins and tokenised deposits and e-money were stopgaps pending the introduction of CBDCs. But as the threat of Stablecoins that…

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The status quo in cross-border payments looks to be on the verge of collapse

A Future of Finance Webinar 15 February at 2pm UK time There is widespread agreement that cross-border payments are too expensive, too slow, too closed, too opaque and too risky. For once, a combination of pressures – political, regulatory, risk-based, technological, entrepreneurial and geopolitical – make it more rather than less likely that the incumbents…

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