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How long must we wait for the flagship security token issuers?

A Future of Finance In Person Event on November 24th in London Security tokens are potentially the single most important use-case for blockchain technology. They could transform the costs of issuance and asset-servicing, reach buyers and sellers excluded from the conventional equity, bond, real estate and alternatives markets, and broaden the range of asset classes…

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Fund tokenisation is coming soon to a jurisdiction near you

A Future of Finance in person event on November 30th in London Tokenised funds exist already in the United States and Singapore. Asset managers are not only issuing tokenised funds but backing projects whose ambition is to facilitate the large-scale tokenisation of shares in mutual funds. What are the benefits they see? What is the…

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Are TradFi and DeFi on course for convergence or collision?

Future of Finance will convene a panel at R3’s CordaCon event on September 27 at 14.10 to 14.40 What is it about? The digitisation or tokenisation of financial assets is no longer about cryptocurrencies only. Nor is it the preserve of future-minded millennials who grew up playing computer games. Established financial institutions are investing in…

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Do you believe CSDs need to invest in tokenisation capabilities now?

What is the event about? Future of Finance is pleased to announce an invitation-only event to debate whether central securities depositories (CSDs) need to invest now or later to take account of the possibility that the securities markets they serve will be tokenised. The Motion to be debated is, “This House believes that CSDs need…

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