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Hear from long-established members of the financial services industry (banks, brokers, asset managers, insurers, financial market infrastructures) with entrepreneurs (challenger banks, technology companies and FinTechs) and market authorities (central banks, regulators and policymakers) to explore how the financial services industry can grow faster by being more open, more innovative and more trustworthy. If you would like to get in touch about featuring on a podcast, please email:

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D7 is an invisible bridge between digital assets and traditional securities markets Where Finance Finds Its Future

There is now widespread acceptance that digital assets are going to co-exist alongside traditional assets for a long time. That implies that issuers and investors will need a market infrastructure that renders issuers indifferent as to whether a source of liquidity is digital or traditional and investors indifferent as to whether an exposure is available in digital form or in traditional form. Both sides of the market just need something that works efficiently at low cost with minimal disruption to the status quo. D7, the Cloud-based post-trade infrastructure Clearstream is building to link the digital and the traditional securities markets, aims to provide exactly that. Dominic Hobson, Co-founder of Future of Finance, spoke to Michael Crezelius, Head of the Issuer CSD at Clearstream, and Thilo Derenbach, Head of Commercialisation and Digitisation at Clearstream, about how D7 does what it does now – the service is in production already – and what it will do in the future. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  1. D7 is an invisible bridge between digital assets and traditional securities markets
  2. A thousand dApps will bloom on the solid foundations of CBDCs
  3. Is tokenisation of privately managed assets a dynamo, a diversion or a dead-end?
  4. 360X is turning the idea of tokenising the fine arts into reality
  5. Do you believe CSDs need to invest in tokenisation capabilities now?
  6. Vertalo reinvents transfer agency for the age of digital assets
  7. SDX eyes tokenisation market growth opportunities in the SME sector
  8. Fund tokenisation is coming soon to a jurisdiction near you
  9. The changeable burden that regulation is about to lay on digital asset custodians
  10. The fastest and cheapest way to be operationally resilient is to change the operating model

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