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Hear from long-established members of the financial services industry (banks, brokers, asset managers, insurers, financial market infrastructures) with entrepreneurs (challenger banks, technology companies and FinTechs) and market authorities (central banks, regulators and policymakers) to explore how the financial services industry can grow faster by being more open, more innovative and more trustworthy. If you would like to get in touch about featuring on a podcast, please email:

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The first priority in data is to manage the compliance risk Where Finance Finds Its Future

A Future of Finance interview with Peter Gargone, CEO of Ntier Financial Services.Data is now at the heart of every efficiency initiative in financial services: investing, trading, operations, risk management and compliance. The advent of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are altering the nature of the relationship between data and technology, even as they make it easier to solve some age-old problems in data aggregation and management. Peter Gargone is CEO of Ntier Financial Services, a company he set up more than 20 years ago after experiencing at first hand the challenges investment banks faced in managing and using their data. Dominic Hobson, co-founder of Future of Finance, spoke to him about how regulatory demands are revealing new opportunities in the processing and integration of both internal and external data. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
  1. The first priority in data is to manage the compliance risk
  2. UNTITLED GEN aims to become the Aladdin of the digital art market
  3. InvestaX founder agrees that tokenisation is synonymous with institutional DeFi
  4. The mint that manufactures notes and coins in digital form
  5. What are you doing about regulated Stablecoins?
  6. FundGuard offers asset managers a new way to fix their rising cost problems
  7. Montis is scripting more than one possible future for CSDs
  8. SDX is betting on openness to accelerate the adoption of tokenised assets
  9. Stablecoins are not the destination but a stepping stone on the journey towards programmable money
  10. Is this how CBDCs will happen in the major global currencies?

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