Future of Finance


Women in Digital Asset Forum 2023 London

[OCT 2023]

We are on a path of an evolution in financial services and perhaps our lives as we engage in the next era of digital assets. While the pandemic added a new sense of urgency to already expedited waves of digital innovation, public and private entities across the globe are accelerating their research and experimentation into tokenized digital assets. We‚Äôre seeing an acceleration of innovation and partnerships to re-imagine the ‚Äúrails‚ÄĚ of such a system. This evolution towards modernizing legacy financial systems and tokenizing assets will require collaboration from our regulators, our central banks, our stablecoin issuers, our deposit token issuers as well as leading commercial enterprises in financial services, payment technology, cloud platforms, insurance, and others. We will explore these and other topics at the London Forum.

Please join us for our London –Women in Digital Assets Forum event, hosted by TabbFORUM and Lynne Marlor (formerly with BNYMellon), Chair of Boston Blockchain Association, Ambassador for Global Blockchain Business Council and CEO of Transformational Strategies, LLC.

Our event will bring together women and their male allies to create a community of:

  • Knowledge Sharing and insights into Digital Assets
  • Resources and connections in the accelerating Digital Asset space
  • Empowerment, inspiration and connection for women in the Digital Asset industry
  • Skills and valuable tools to become a Digital Assets leader
  • Increasing the visibility of women in the Digital Assets industry
  • Diverse and inclusive networks for a more equitable industry
  • Women included in every conversation, and strategy in this new ecosystem