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The Ultimate Guide to Stablecoins: Research by SupraOracles

Your A-Z Guide To Better Understand Stablecoins

Stablecoins, a $150 billion+ asset class, are essential to the functioning of the crypto economy. But what are the risks associated with current stablecoin models? Which will turn out to be the most sustainable as the industry matures? Download your free copy of our report, The Ultimate Guide to Stablecoins, to get these answers and explore what the future could hold.

In this report you will learn:

· The three major factors that severely limit the potential of stablecoins today– and how they might be overcome.

· How major stablecoins like UDST, USDC, DAI, and FRAX actually work.

· The different designs behind (and risk factors for) the four major types of stablecoins, including asset-backed, seigniorage, over-collateralized, and delta-neutral stablecoins.

· Exactly why UST and the Luna ecosystem really collapsed, resulting in more than $60 billion of losses.

· Where future research into stablecoins is (and should be) heading.

In the coming years, stablecoins could become a $1 trillion industry… and their growth could even outpace traditional blue-chip cryptos like Bitcoin and ETH– which is why it’s never been more important to understand exactly how they work.

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