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The token exchange that wants to move fast and build things, not break them

The token exchange that wants to move fast and build things, not break them

Fusang – A fully regulated digital exchange for securities tokens

Fusang is Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated digital financial ecosystem for security tokens and assets. Licensed in two jurisdictions (Hong Kong and Labuan, Malaysia), Fusang operates a fully licensed and regulated digital ecosystem which includes Fusang Exchange, a regulated stock exchange for security tokens. Fusang’s driving force is its vision of making it as easy to invest into a company as it is to buy its products online.

Most tokenisation ventures start with technology, their spokesmen and women revel in its cost efficiency and process automation, and with Fusang’s ability to issue, trade, settle, and vaulting services, all housed in one end to end solution, that may indeed be true.  It’s therefore not surprising that the aim of its founders is to connect even the smallest retail investors with the biggest issuers, giving the former access to asset classes previously reserved to the institutional realm.

If democratising investment through tokenisation sounds familiar, the enthusiasm of Fusang for using regulation to protect investors is much less predictable, Fusang exudes dependability as well as entrepreneurial energy evidenced by its drive to marry a culture of compliance and innovation. 

Dominic Hobson, co-founder of Future of Finance, asked Henry Chong, Founder and CEO of Fusang, about his vision of the future of investing and how the company plans to make it happen.