Future of Finance


Interview with David Barry

David Barry is global head of hedge fund product at Apex Group, which provides third party fund administration, management company, custody and banking services to alternative asset managers and family offices. In our recent webinar on the Future of Fund Accounting he mentioned a number of areas in which Apex is using new technologies. Dominic Hobson caught up with him again to understand more about how the firm is using AI and blockchain to enhance service capabilities as well as improve operational efficiencies.

The data business a global custodian can run

An asset management industry under margin pressure is turning to data as a source of reduced costs and increased revenues. More efficient handling of data is expected to raise productivity, improve investment product design, tighten and expand distribution, make compliance easier and enable firms to comply meaningfully with ESG mandates. So a lot is being asked of data. The question is how soon rising expectations can be fulfilled, and who will do the work of clearing the obstacles to achievement of these goals.