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What CSDs can do about tokenisation

A Future of Finance research study into the tokenisation of assets and what CSDs can do about it.

CSDs all over the world are preparing for the tokenisation of securities. What are you doing? 

Protect your business from the threat and prepare your business for the opportunity

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Nobody has thought more about the future of CSDs than we have. It’s why we call Future of Finance slow media. We read a lot, talk a lot and think a lot about what is going to happen next, and then share our findings with our members. 

Which is exactly What CSDs Can Do About Tokenisation does for CSDs and their users. In it, we share our views on how the tokenisation of securities could disrupt CSDs and explain what we think CSDs should do now and in the future to neutralise the threats and seize the opportunities that disruption will create.

Why should you care?

Tokenisation is tiny today but could get very big, very quickly. Act now while time is still on your side.

What should you do?

CSDs have three choices: Accept disintermediation, find new roles, or reinvent themselves to become the architects of a tokenised future.

When should you do it?

Some CSDs must act now, while others can wait, but there is no CSD which can afford to do nothing at all.

Who should you monitor?

Keep an eye on other CSDs, challenger CSDs, your customers, your regulators, any central bank planning a CBDC and digital identity schemes.

What works best for you?

Understand which assets in your markets are likely to tokenise first and what your strengths and weaknesses are in rising to the challenge.