Future of Finance


Montis is scripting more than one possible future for CSDs

The existence of Montis, which is building an infrastructure to support the issuance, settlement, safekeeping and servicing of digital assets, is a measure of the transformative potential of tokenisation. Yet Montis is also a measure of the curious lack of interest of most established central securities depositories (CSD) in tokenisation, as threat let alone as opportunity. The newcomer, unaffected by apparent setbacks in the CSD industry such as ASX and ID2s, is backed by a widening array of engaged incumbents as well as issuers and investors and operating in an increasingly supportive legal and regulatory environment. Dominic Hobson, co-founder of Future of Finance, spoke to Martin Watkins, chief executive officer at Montis Group Limited, about why Montis exists, what benefits it brings, what products and services it offers, how it is working with regulators and within evolving legal regimes, and how its positioning and strategy has adapted to the changing shape of the tokenisation opportunity set.