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Is it safe for CSDs to go back to sleep on tokenisation?

A Future of Finance webinar on March 2nd at 2pm UK time with Asian CSDs

What is the event about?

Future of Finance is hosting an invitation-only event to explore whether central securities depositories (CSDs) in the Asia Pacific region need to invest now or invest later or not invest at all in the tokenisation of securities and funds.

Following a short presentation on the theory and practice of tokenisation, a panel of international experts will discuss with CSDs in Asia Pacific region how they are responding to the possibility of tokenisation; what lessons they can learn from CSDs in other parts of the world; which competitors CSDs need to worry about; and which CSDs, in terms of the nature of their business, need to act first.

The purpose of the event is to help individual CSDs in the Asia Pacific region to decide whether tokenisation is a threat or an opportunity for them; if it is an opportunity, how they should approach exploiting it; and, if it is a threat, how they should approach mitigating it. 

When is it being held?

March 2nd 2023 from 2pm London time to 3pm London time

Where is it being held?

`What do CSDs in the Asia Pacific region need to do about tokenisation?’ is an invitation-only webinar, hosted on Zoom.

Why attend?

CSDs in Asia Pacific have many issues to contend with, from tighter settlement cycles, through digitalisation of investor services and cyber-security, to supporting ESG funds. Many CSDs in the region have pondered whether blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology can help to meet these and other challenges, notably through better identity, data and security management.

But there is one application of blockchain which has the potential to reach far beyond improvements to existing business processes. This is tokenisation, or the creation and trading of digital assets, which can in theory automate the entire lifecycle of traditional securities and funds, from issuance, through exchange, to settlement, custody and servicing – and extend their reach into whole new asset classes.

Since CSDs are engaged in all operational aspects of the securities and funds industries, this implies that tokenisation could revolutionise how CSDs complete their work. It follows that, if tokenisation grows rapidly and threatens to achieve scale, CSDs will face an existential choice: to support and exploit the changes tokenisation creates or to be crushed by them.

Each CSD in the Asia-Pacific region must make their own decision on how to respond to the possibility of tokenisation disrupting the securities and funds industries. That is because every CSD is unique, in terms of the customers it services, the products it offers and the size and structure of the markets in which it operates. The webinar will help each CSD formulate a strategy that works for them.

What will happen?

The webinar will begin with a presentation by Dominic Hobson, co-founder of Future of Finance, on what tokenisation is; how it is progressing; how it affects CSDs; what CSDs are doing about tokenisation; and what the different types of CSD in the Asia Pacific region can do to mitigate the threat and exploit the opportunity.

The presentation will be followed by a discussion with a panel of experts, moderated by Dominic Hobson. Members of the audience will be free to ask questions and make comments at any time during the discussion, using the Q&A functionality on Zoom.  The moderator will put questions and comments to the panellists throughout the discussion.

The panel

Chris Richardson, CEO at Percival Software https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-richardson-26842923/

Francois Verlaine, Managing Director, Head of ASEAN & South Asia for Financing and Securities Services at Standard Chartered Bank https://www.linkedin.com/in/francois-verlaine-1659092/

Barnaby Nelson, CEO at The Value Exchange https://www.linkedin.com/in/barnabynelson/

Kelvin Ung, President and Chief Business Officer at Fusang https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelvinung/?originalSubdomain=hk

Sriram Chakravarthi, Head, Regulatory Affairs and Industry Engagement at Marketnode https://www.linkedin.com/in/sriram-chakravarthi-5b364740/

Who can come?

This is an invitation-only event for individuals who work at CSDs in the Asia Pacific region, and organisations which use their services or support their work. If you have not received an invitation but would be interested to attend, please email Wendy Gallagher at wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz

What do I need to do?

To accept an invitation to this event, please RSVP Wendy Gallagher at wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz

To read the Future of Finance paper on “What CSDs should do about tokenisation,” please visit https://futureoffinance.biz/future-of-finance-institute/