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A Future of Finance Interview with Richard Byworth

Future of Finance Interview with Richard Byworth, CEO of Diginex [NASDAQ: EQOS]

Dominic Hobson explores Richard’s thinking about how cryptocurrency and digital assets have evolved and what solutions Diginex offers in security token issuance, trading and custody and more.

Questions that are being asked

1.       How has your thinking about cryptocurrency and digital assets evolved since you first became involved in the sector?

2.       What is your strategy now?

3.       You have divested Diginex Solutions, the ESG business. Why was that?

4.       Diginex is nevertheless still part of a group with a fairly complex structure: a cryptocurrency exchange, a digital asset exchange, a capital markets group, and asset management. What do the various components do and how do they fit together?

5.       What are the solutions that Diginex offers in security token:

–          Issuance

–          Trading

–          Custody

6.       How do you recruit (a) issuers and (b) investors?

7.       What was the reasoning behind the decision to go public?

8.       When do you expect digital assets to become mainstream,  and what are the obstacles to getting there?