Future of Finance


A Future of Finance interview with Daniel Eidan

[JUL 2021]

Interview with Daniel Eidan

Daniel Eidan is solutions architect and global CBDC and payments lead at R3, the distributed ledger technology firm. A panellist in our recent webinar on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), he monitors the rapidly evolving field of CBDCs for R3, which has published a white paper on the subject and formed a CBDC working group. Dominic Hobson asked Daniel about the drivers behind CBDCs, the current state of CBDC development, the different types of CBDC that are emerging and the potential use-cases for CBDCs.

Questions that are being asked

  • Central banks are showing a sense of urgency about CBDCs. Why is that?
  • How far away are CBDCs – pure theory, proof of concept or go live?
  • CBDCs come in many shapes and sizes. How would you categorise them?
  • What use cases do you anticipate for CBDCs?
  • What is so different about CBDCs that makes them such an important milestone for the economic and financial system as whole?