Future of Finance


FUTURE OF FINANCE ANNOUNCEMENT: Achieving asset portability with confidence a Paper from Quant

[OCT 2023]

​The world of finance is going through a transformation with the introduction of tokenisation, which is expected to revolutionise the financial sector and encourage the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. However, one of the major challenges in realising the benefits of tokenisation is interoperability.

​Read the Quant point of view the paper focuses on the importance of asset portability, discusses the obstacles involved in achieving interoperability between different types of tokenised assets across various platforms, and provides information on how enterprises can accomplish this in a secure, accessible, cost-effective, and future-proof way.

​The document elaborates on the path towards interoperability, and how Quant’s Overledger technology can contribute to achieving it. It also covers the crucial factors that businesses must consider when adopting bridging technology and the common pitfalls to avoid.

​To find out more about how bridging can help you unleash the full potential of tokenisation, download the paper >