Future of Finance


Do you believe CSDs need to invest in tokenisation capabilities now? (17th October 2022)

What is the event about?

Future of Finance is pleased to announce an invitation-only event to debate whether central securities depositories (CSDs) need to invest now or later to take account of the possibility that the securities markets they serve will be tokenised. The Motion to be debated is, “This House believes that CSDs need to invest in securities tokenisation capabilities now.”

The debate follows a presentation and webinar Future of Finance hosted on 25 November 2021 on the subject of “What CSDs can do about the tokenisation of securities markets”  https://futureoffinance.biz/2021/11/25/what-csds-can-do-about-the-tokenization-of-securities-markets/ and the publication of a paper on the same subject in July this year https://futureoffinance.biz/future-of-finance-institute/

When is it being held?

Monday 17 October 2022 from 10.00 am EST/15.00 pm London time to 11.20 am EST/16.20 pm London time.

Why attend?

Securities are issued into CSDs. The integrity of every issue of securities is safeguarded by CSDs. Ownership of securities is recorded by CSDs. Transactions in securities are settled by CSDs. Securities are serviced by CSDs.

So, if it happens, tokenisation will either disrupt or transform or eliminate these functions. It is therefore both an existential threat and an exciting opportunity for CSDs. What tokenisation is not is something that CSDs can afford to ignore.

Attendees will hear speakers make the case for and against investing in tokenisation capabilities now. They will also be given the opportunity to vote on the Motion before the debate and again after the debate, to test whether minds were changed by the arguments.

What will happen?

The sequence of events is as follows:

Introduction and vote (10.00-10.10 am EST):The moderator will explain the rules of the debate and introduce the Motion, “This House believes that CSDs need to invest in securities tokenisation capabilities now.” The moderator will also invite the audience to submit questions at any point during the debate using the Q&A functionality on Zoom. The audience will be given the opportunity at this time to vote FOR or AGAINST the motion before the debate begins.

Speakers FOR and AGAINST (10.10-10.30 EST):There will be two speakers FOR the motion and two speakers AGAINST the motion. Each will be given five minutes to make their case, with one speaker FOR followed by one speaker AGAINST.

Rebuttal (10.30-10.40):The speakers FOR and AGAINST will be given a further five minutes to rebut arguments made by their opponents. Either or both of the speakers FOR and AGAINST can take part in the rebuttals.

Q&A with the audience (10.40-11.10):The speakers will address questions posed by the audience in the Q&A functionality on Zoom, with questions selected and put to the speakers by the moderator.

Closing Summary and vote (11.10-11.20): One speaker FOR the motion and one speaker AGAINST the motion will be given the opportunity to summarise their arguments ahead of a final vote by the audience.

The panel

Jack McDonald, CEO and Chairman of the Board at Polysign


Chris Richardson, CEO at Percival Software


Andrea Tranquillini, CEO Advisor at Edaa, Senior Post Trade Market Infrastructure Executive, and Member of the ESMA Post Trade Standing Committee Consultative Working Group


John Falk, Partner at Bourse Consult


Who can come?

This is an invitation-only event. For members and friends of the Americas’ Central Securities Depositories Association (ACSDA).If you have not received an invitation but would be interested to attend, please email Wendy Gallagher at wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz

What do I need to do?

To read  the Future of Finance paper on “What CSDs should do about tokenisation,” please visit Dr Hunt’s paper, please visit https://futureoffinance.biz/future-of-finance-institute/  To accept an  invitation to this event, please RSVP Wendy Gallagher at wendy.gallagher@futureoffinance.biz