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Digital Asset Custody: The Future looks like the past

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The Institutional Digital Asset Custody Guide (DACG) is produced by a Future of Finance team that has monitored the market in custody services for digital assets and developments in institutional blockchain technology for several years.

Members of the team benefit from long exposure to the conventional global custody industry, including the creation and management of the leading media brand and surveys in the field. 

This inaugural issue of the DACG is not a one-off. It is merely the first of a series of regular reports on developments in the digital asset custody markets. The reports will not be confined to cryptocurrencies or utility tokens or Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) or security tokens but cover the safekeeping of all varieties of digital asset

While cryptocurrencies continue to make up the bulk of the measurable value of digital assets, we are confident the future will be very different, as mainstream financial securities such as equity and debt are tokenised and entirely new classes of digital assets are conceived and launched. 

The custodian of the future will need to be able to handle crypto, securities tokens and other digital assets, as well as traditional securities and other assets. Most crypto custodians can only handle crypto. Most mainstream custodians do not handle crypto or if they do handle it in a siloed fashion. A senior official at EIB, the biggest digital bond issuer to date, is reported to say that a key constraint has been the lack of mainstream custodians that support digital assets.

What we expect to track over time is the evolution of digital asset custody into a service that looks a lot like the traditional model of global custody in terms of roles, distribution and structure. This evolution is already in train. 

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