Future of Finance


A Future of Finance Interview with Scott Thiel

Dominic Hobson talks to Scott Thiel about the launch of TOKO, a fast, secure and cost-effective solution for buying and selling high value assets using blockchain technology.

Questions that are being asked

1.    What was the primary goal of this proof of concept (e.g. a legally sound structure)?

2.   What advances have you made over previous attempts to tokenise and fractionalise illiquid assets?

3.    What services does TOKO offers to (a) issuers and (b) investors?

4.    Is fractionalisation a feature of tokenisation or a benefit of it?

5.    How will the token holders realise the value of their investment?

6.    I understand TOKO is a private permissioned network. Do you envisage deploying a public network?

7.    Who do you expect to be the earliest adopters of this capability in terms of (a) issuers and (b) investors?

8.    It’s unusual for a law firm to engage so directly in such a project. What was your thinking? 

9.    How will the firm capitalise on what it has learned from this project?

10.   Aldersgate DLS is 100% owned by DLA Piper. What future do you envisage for Aldersgate DLS? 

11.   What was the contribution of Hedera Hashgraph?

12.   What was the contribution of BCW?

13.   What was the contribution of Luther Systems?

14.   You have also worked with Tokeny. What have you done with them?

15.   What remains to be done for such issues to obtain regulated status (in one or more jurisdictions)?