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Interview with Sam Seaton

Interview with Sam Seaton

Consumers are increasingly restless about the trade they have made with Big Tech: free services in exchange for personal data. They do not believe they can do anything about it, but in fact they can. What Big Tech has proved is that data is valuable and powerful. So what would happen to the balance of value and power between consumers and Big Business if consumers owned their own data? To find out, watch the Future of Finance interview with Sam Seaton, CEO of Moneyhub.

Questions that are being asked

  • Why is data such a valuable and powerful tool in the hands of consumers?
  • How will putting control of data into the hands of consumers force incumbents and other businesses to start innovating, cut prices and personalise their offerings to consumers?
  • Will incumbent data-driven businesses and Big Tech businesses have to change their business models?
  • Is consumer control of data simply a tool to get better products and services or is it an economically viable business model in its own right?
  • Is AI up to the job of detecting valuable data?